"Copper Head" 12"x12" Mixed Media on Wood

Did you know that between 1909 and 1982, pennies were made from 95% copper and 5% zinc. Today - you can reverse those numbers. They are now made from only 5% copper and 95% zinc. After 1982, pennies cost nearly double their value to make. For this reason, many people believe they will be removed from circulation one day soon.

"Copper Head" is made from pennies minted prior to 1982 (95% copper) when they were backed by the full value of the semi precious metal used to make them. This is something our founding fathers might be more proud of than the pennies minted today (that could be mistaken for play coins by kids). This piece is a reminder of the little decisions that can be made that have such signifiant meaning to our economy. I will leave the impact of these decisions for you to research further. I wonder what Abe would think? In an upcoming series, I'll show you what he may think, but for now he stands proudly in front these rare coins. As an fyi On Feb 8th, a Penny minted prior to 1982 was worth $0.017

Privately owned by Melissa Lauth - NYC. Another to be on exhibition in March at Image Gallery in Brooklyn NY (see exhibitions for more information)

"The Elephant in the Room" 48"x48" Acrylic on canvas

In the business world and life in general, The Elephant in Room is a metaphorical idiom used to describe the ignored or unspoken truth, problem, solution etc that may be as apparent as an elephant standing next to you. Ignoring "The Elephant in the Room" is usually the cause for financial losses, loss of life, lost opportunity or in some cases can be seen as fortunate to save face or embarrassment of yourself or others. Hopefully, whoever hangs this in the room will use it as a reminder to use good judgement when deciding to stay quiet or address whats happening.

"Kings Land" 12"x12" Acrylic on canvas - Part of the "Landscape Series": What do they mean?

Sacred geometry can be found all around us and not just within the obvious views of big cities. If we open our eyes in some of the most rural settings and see beyond what is obvious, we will also see the dividing lines of bordered land, farmed fields, engineered roads and waterways all resulting from mans quest to alter and conquer or partner with nature. All of this resulting from civilization and mankind's absolute need to explore the far reaches of the universe and develop, live and coexists. This landscape series represents the natural beauty that is obvious to us all while not forgetting the history of those lands and what is responsible for shaping their beauty over the centuries. 

Privately Owned by Sam Ing - NYC

"Innocence Lost" 5"x6" Sculpture - Mixed Media

These were painted after watching my son play with a toy rubber duck. I realized at that moment that while it looked exactly the same, it wasn't that same innocent rubber duck I played with as a child. While it looked and felt the same, the environment and world we are living and playing in today is not the same as it was when we grew up. Times were very different in the 70s and 80s. This rubber duck sculpture covered in oil is a reminder of our "lost innocence" (during a media free- ignorance is bliss - kinder world where we at least were not aware of the evil out there on a minute by minute basis). Media has flattened the world and access to information is readily available at our fingertips. Technology based media everywhere reminds our children of who we are as a species every minute of every day.